The Peering Eye

Kinnett, King Jurius I

Father of Bigany, The Bringer of Law

Human Male Telepath 20, Arch Psion 5, Paragon 10, Aristocrat 1, Metamind 10

Jurius was the ruler of Bigany when it was nothing but a small keep town in the borderlands charging tolls on shipping along the branch river. Jurius disappeared on a quest while his father Lord Orion was the ruler of a modest wilderness domain. Years later he returned with unusual gifts. He deposed his father and declared himself a king. All of the lords of the region and rulers of foreign lands, particularly Torland expressed outrage at the affront but Jurius 'convinced' them all that his claim was just.

In addition to almost single-handedly carving out a huge kingdom for himself in what is now known as the Bigany region Jurius Kinnett I became an exceptionally gifted and powerful Psionic Master.
He trained many of the 'royal' house in the arts of 'The Skill' and occasionally even gifted commoners and members of other races who swore fealty to him. Jurius was also a prolific creator of 'Skill Wrought' artefacts. Many of these artefacts have been lost or stolen over the centuries but the ones that remain are almost all in the hands of The Crown.

After a long reign and having installed his son Jurius II firmly on the throne, Jurius I 'died'. He bid farewell to his sons and leaving his great works behind he returned to the source of his power to continue his studies.

It is rumoured among the nobility that Jurius still lives, with his intellectual kindred among the giants of the horn and that he still watches over his kingdom. Supporters of this theory claim that his powers are so vast that they have sustained him for centuries.
Sages among the 'Cabal of the Immortal King' further claim that, Jurius will not interfere directly with the affairs of Bigany unless there is a great threat to the people of the land. They bleive that he will however use others to do his will, subtly manipulating them with The Skill.
Members of the Cabal point to his intervention, during 'The Succession Crisis' in the year AK501, when he was alledged to have sent dreams from the now current King Edgar I, who was then improsoned by Ko-Shaar, to the now deceased royal heir Arthur DePeche, amongst others as proof of his constant watchfulness. This wholly unsubstantiated claim is held up as the first step in Jurius' master plan for tackling Ko-Shaar, who has been undoing all his work.
Ko-Shaar is now on the run, having fled from a combined force of Church and State. This, the cabal claims, shows just how powerful a force Jurius remains.
The Nobility and most others scoff as this notion, but Jurius legacy is held in high reverence in all of Bigany.

Kinnett, King Darius XIV

King of Bigany [Deceased]

Telepath 12, Aristocrat 4 (Crown Bearer)

The King of Bigany is the descendent of a long line of Kings. The number behind his name is an affection of his that he feels makes him sound more Regal. The reason for this is simple, King Darius is insecure in his reign.
He has observed the decline of the power of the Kinnetts over the past century and has attributed this decline to some external source, rather than to the weakness of the Kinnett family.
Using 'The Skill' Darius has burned a fierce loyalty into his two greatest allies, Cayman Redman and Sascha Bellicose. But he feels this may not be enough.

He is concerned that The Salacious Man does not contain the underworld sufficiently; he is concerned that foreign powers may see Bigany as a target. He is concerned about the increasing power and audacity of the Church of The Moons and the fact that some of their priests have the Skill. He sees the increasing power of the minor families and is worried about a challenge to his authority.

But most of all, he worries about the strange powers that he has sensed moving against him. His 'Skill' and the investigations of his agents have revealed only minor hints and traces of enemies.

Darius knows that he is the only one who firmly believes that these enemies exist.
Ancient Lore he has found among the Kinnett libraries tell a vague tale of a pact made by the first King of Bigany Jurius Kinnett I. After a quest to find aid for his fledgling Kingdom Jurius received the power of Skill from a race of intellectual giants in some distant land. Darius is obsessed with uncovering the unseen enemies he faces and with gathering as much knowledge of the Skill as he can, with which to fight this menace.

Note: Darius Kinnett XIV has captured by a demon horde commanded by 'The Entity' and brought to the Abyss. Sascha Bellicose and one hundred of The Blackguard volunteered to go to the Abyss and retrieve the King.
Over a decade later they have not yet returned.
Although Darius' body was never located, he has been declared dead by The Crown.
The death has not been confirmed by the High Priest of Bas, as would be usual under such circumstances.

Kinnett, King Edgar I

King of Bigany and The Colonies
The Lost Heir

aka Edgar DePeche,
aka Gardius Kinnett,

Telepath 17, Aristocrat 1

Having endured the torments of Ko-Shaar and escaped with the Company of Wolves, Edgar Kinnett is a king fired by the desire to protect the Bigany Royal Line. His own life being his foremost priority.
The King trains rigorously in The Skill every day and constantly seeks to strengthen the armed forces of Bigany.
Everywhere his cousin saw shadows and weakness, Edgar seeks to bring strength and light. He has conquered the fear that gripped the throne of Bigany and the Kingdom's star is on the rise again because of it.

It is also rumoured that...
... which would be quite astounding, if it turned out to be true.

Kinnett, The Crown of Bigany

Male Construct Psion 20

Kingsworn, The Trainer

Male Construct Psion 20

Avalon, Polomius

'The GateKeeper'
Telepath 14.
Highly intelligent and almost impossible to bluff. Wry sense of humour.

Avalon, Garthus

Psychoportive Psion 15
Quiet of word, but flashy by travel

Siin, Achillies

Telepath 12
Calm, Cool, Collected.

DeDannan, Lord Garroll

Male DeDannan Ogre Construct Psychic Warrior 10, Blackguard 10.
Head of the Black Guard. Bearer of The Trainer

Kingsworn, Captain Chris

Male Human Construct Psychic Warrior 6, Black Guard 4
Assisted in the Rebel Assault on Etreyar and in the Pickaxe revolt. Involved in the rescue of The Lost Heir, and the crowning of Edgar Kinnett I.

Bellicose, General Sascha

Human Male Construct Psychic Warrior 6, Blackguard 10.
The Weapon Master of Bigany. Head of the Black Guard,

Chaensim, William

(Movanic Deva), Aristocrat 8
Advisor to the King
Serious, stern but wise and forthright.
Quick to earn trust and respect.
Occasionally witty and jovial.