The Peering Eye

Thorbersson, Olaf

Human Male Fighter 8
Olaf is an ex-adventurer who has seen a lot of action. Now in his late fifties Olaf has given up "Travelling" as a bad game. He has had enough of the excitement having almost died recently for the umpteenth time. He took his modest fortune and extensive knowledge and opened a shop. "Well I've got to do something." Olaf is a fair and trustworthy man but he is not stupid and can protect himself rather well if necessary. He is well known and well liked among the adventuring community, by the city guard and by 'people of importance' in the city. Many adventurers will come to Olaf's aid if needed. . Olaf has recently become very wealthy, thanks to the popularity of ‘Olaf’s Kit’ throughout Bigany and other lands.

Gemcracker, Thrumnor

Thrumnor is one of the best Assayers in the business. He is based in the Dwarf quarter in Bigany City. He is noted for his ability as a miner, however, this is not matched by his ability in Gem craft.
He is as reliable as he is expensive in his chosen field.

Phizz, Falthazar

Well-known novelist Falthazar Phizz in his production 'Bigany Today' publishes some of the rumours that have been going around recently in Bigany. The reliability and timeliness of his information varies greatly. He has been taken to court several times for incorrect information about the location of treasure and monsters. He is currently fighting off a case by the families of a group of adventurers who followed one of his stories - resulting in their deaths.

Vec, Braggi

Human Male Rogue 3, Expert 3
Innkeeper of The Broken Bucket
A fat balding greasy man with a deafening voice and an easy false charm.
Very welcoming to regulars or visitors with plenty of gold.

The Three Students

Jeren Ebbs Human Male Fighter 1,
Swerk Tingo Human Male Ranger 1,
Naret DonDiego Human Male Swashbuckler 1.

They study alchemy and occasionally take a break in the Left Bank Inn. They are all about 18 years old. They are inseparable and would all be happy to go adventuring together. They all have no connections with anyone else in the city save their master Turin.