The Peering Eye


The Fallen, evil, vile, corrupt, mad. They are Gods, cast out from the universe with their Lord Feo. They seek to sneak or smash their way back into the mortal world, The Church Of The Moons and the heroes must prevent that by sword or by will.

The Heroes are any people from the Kingdom of Bigany be they peasant or noble, shopkeeper or thief. The King of Bigany and the High Priests of the Moons keep control in the Bigany region. The Black guard enforce the kings will!
They battle the fallen in town and countryside, in dungeon and ocean. They maintain the balance and are honoured and get rich in the process.

The Fallen minions of Feo, The Entity, Carilith A powerful psionic half fiend dopleganger, The Dragon of Nagaranthiel, The Ancent Aboleth Ko-Shaar of Etreyar, Ancient relics from the time of the great wizard tain mac lir
The Church Inquisition ruthlressly deals with any threats that are not handled by the adventurers guild

Magic is controlled by Draiocht, a Chosen, and so is abundant for all his followers. The Fallen have much more difficulty stuying magic. Clerical magic is available to all as long as they are followers. In ancient times magic was so powerful that the world was almost destoryed when an Epic Wizard of awesome might opened the chain gate and linked the prime plane to the abyss. A God had to sacrifice himself to save the planet..

All magic is derived from the Song of Elcantre which is emitted by a planet sized jewel in space.